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For ordering and prices, please contact us. We build each one by hand so please be patient. We limit how many we make a year for quality control purposes so unfortunately not everyone gets to own one. 

Grizzly 2.0

      The Grizzly 2.0, this isn't Black Tie. The Grizzly 2.0 is, cut your sleeves off beat your ass tough. It starts with a 2"x4"x1/8" tube steel framing, the tongue is 2"x3"x1/8" tube steel with a 2" hitch. This will ensure tough as nails frame with almost zero flex. A 3500lb rated Dexter axle with 15" aluminum wheels on 31" tires. This gives it plenty of ground clearance and you'll never overload the axle. LED trailer lighting and don't look for the wires, that's right, we run them in the frame. You won't ever snag 'em. There's two flip up front stabilizer jacks to keep her steady when you've got your perfect spot. There's 18" of front deck storage. We like to put a steel weatherproof tongue box on for added extra "bear proof" storage. The frame dimensions are 5'x8.6' with about 2 1/2 feet for the tongue. 

     The Camper dimensions are as follows,  5' wide, 8' long and 48"  high. It's built with 1 1/2' framed and insulated walls, no gluing 3/4' plywood together. The doors are built by Lippert which means superior quality, With keyed locks and deadbolts you can feel safe, as well as your gear. The windows have screened sliders for added airflow. Roof vent is standard equipment as well, oh and yep, it's a "Fantastic Fan". The rear galley hatch is 30"x52" with two gas struts and it's lockable. Roof rails are standard equipment with an optional roof basket. It has front non opening window for night viewing. The top has 1/8' Aluminum diamond plate for added strength and durability as well as a front a era panel of the same. Two exterior porch lights. The Grizzly is Zamp Solar ready. It's pre wired with the Zamp solar outlet so charging the battery is a snap. Solar panels are an option. The Grizzly's galley has ample storage as well as a food prep area. The Grizzly does not come with a built in stove because at BearPaw Campers it's our opinion that cooking in such a small area tends to leave the food smells permanently in the wood. Lets face it people, cooking outside is just more fun anyway. As an option we do have and recommend the Camp Chef stoves and the Camp Chef Sherpa portable kitchen. As for water we have as an option a water carrying system that we  we fondly call "The B-Rod" . The B-Rod comes in several different capacities and is made of heavy black pvc. This black pvc takes the suns energy and heats water for you daily. It comes with a on off valve and a 3' piece of hose. 

     The Cabin features come with cabinets for storage, two reading lights, one overhead light. 7' of floor space with an unbelievably comfortable 8" mattress. It has a 12 volt socket to power electronics or a ceramic heater if you feel the need. The mattress will fold if needed for storage on the vynil floor covering. Decorative trim stand out as we'll as the window coverings. For one or two people this cabin is ultra cozy! 

   The weight of the Grizzly without options runs right at 1900lbs.

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