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For ordering and prices, please contact us. We build each one by hand so please be patient. We limit how many we make a year for quality control purposes so unfortunately not everyone gets to own one. 

BearPaw Campers


      The newly redesigned for 2020, Grizzly. After 6 years the Grizzly 2.0 has changed. I felt that the market was changing and we had to change with it. The biggest changes you will note are, all steel framing throughout, Composite walls, and a standard 10 foot length as well as under carriage water tank. There will also be a standard Aluminum box on the front to house battery and electrical components as well as ample room for optional 12 volt fridge with slide out. We strive to build the strongest Camper in this class and I feel we still have that. 


​Total Length is 15 feet

Total Width is 7 feet

​Total Height is 6.5 feet

Cabin Length is 10 feet

Cabin Width is 5 feet

​Cabin Height is 4 feet


​1. 2"x3"x1/8" Tube Steel for main frame

2. 1.5"x1.5"x1/16" Tube steel for cabin framing

​3. 3500lb rated axle with electric brakes

​4. Leaf spring suspension

​5. 31x10.50 Offroad tires with full size spare

​6. Aluminum wheels

​7. In frame wiring

​8. Lock N Roll articulating offroad hitch

​9. Custom heavy duty tongue jack with rubber wheel

​10. Rear receiver hitch

​11. 1.5"x1.5"x1/16" Tube steel on cabin frame

​12. Composite walls inside and out

13. 1.5" R7 insulation

​14. All LED lighting

​15. 24 Gallon water tank with 3gpm pump

​16. Rear Sink

17. Two burner stove with locking slideout

18. Side Mount Propane tank

19. ​Rear Cabinetry Storage

​20. Full size 8 inch memory foam bed

21. 3 speed Ceiling fan with reverse

22. Roof rack rails